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 I am so thrilled to have found Audrey Mangini, owner and exercise instructor at Bloom studio on Regent Street. I love taking both her Turbo kick and Zumba classes. Audrey is an excellent instructor who possesses the perfect combination of tough and sweet. She pushes you do your best with perfect cuing and gentle reminders, all with a smile. Her classes are never boring and her music choices always keep you moving. I leave each class with the satisfaction that I have worked hard and had a great time. Mary Beth  age 45

“I LOVE going to Bloom. I know I can count on a small, intimate space where I won’t get lost in a crowd. The classes are fun even when they thoroughly kick my bottom. My favourites are Zumba (where I get to dance and shake my booty!) and Turbokick (where I feel empowered, ready to take on any foe or the world!). The music is great and the instructor, Audrey, knows what she’s doing and works hard to give her students the best class possible. Compared to when I started I am in much better shape, I’ve dropped 20 pounds and two pant sizes, and I’ve run a 5K at under an 11 minute mile pace! If you’re looking for fun, a good workout, and want to do something good for yourself, I think you should go to Bloom.” -Casey

“Bloom isn’t simply a place to exercise. It brings together a community of women who inspire and support each together to work hard and feel good in an atmosphere that is fun and empowering.” -Suzanne

“I always walk out of Audrey’s classes feeling revived!  I LOVE both Turbo and Zumba.  Turbo is an AWESOME way to relieve stress!  The Zumba classes….what a fun way to get a GREAT workout! And Audrey always takes the time to perfect our forms to ensure we get the maximum results!  Thanks Audrey, your the best! P.S. Be sure not to forget your water. Your going to need it!” -Cassie

“I’ve been taking Zumba for years with Audrey and I absolutely love it!  The routines are so fun that I forget I’m working out. She is always changing things up which keeps it fresh. I look forward to Zumba every week!” -Jenn

“I was never one to work out until I tried my first class at Bloom. I started off going to only one a week, but after trying a few other classes I got hooked! Audrey is a great instructor and makes sure to break down the steps if people are struggling with them. Bloom provides an encouraging and friendly environment that welcomes all ages and skill levels without judgement. I would definitely recommend this studio to beginners right up through anyone looking to be challenged!” -Kathryn

“This is the only excercise class that I have stuck with because it never gets boring!!! ” -Judy







153 Regent Street

Suite 1000

Saratoga Springs, NY



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